“My husband and I met with Jarka to receive some information on how to eat in a healthier way. We enjoyed our consultation and found Jarka’s suggestions very helpful. She was very knowledgeable and presented the information in a way that was easy to understand. She followed up with menu suggestions as I had requested. We found Jarka an excellent example of healthy living and would highly recommend her.”

“Through Jarka’s knowledge, guidance, warmth and positive support, I’m empowered and inspired to embark upon a lifestyle change with nutrition and wellness at its core. Within the short span of three months, I feel energized, rejuvenated and on a journey to a lifetime of positive nutritional habits. She enthusiastically helps families to make healthy choices and her dedication to clients is exceptional! I wholeheartedly recommend Jarka for those seeking a most welcome and noteworthy transformation in their mindset regarding holistic nutrition and well-being. With much gratitude.”

“Jarka is passionate about helping others through nutrition. She is genuinely interested in understanding your current state of mind-body-lifestyle and provides options that are customized and realistic. Most appreciated is the knowledge that Jarka imparts; her words stay with you and empower you to make more informed nutritional and lifestyle decisions.”


“Not only are you a fantastic person, but you are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to creating a lifestyle change in a person’s eating habits to assist them in living a healthier, cleaner lifestyle indeed, that is also not difficult to adjust to at all.”


“Jarka and I became friends when she ran a home daycare and she cared for my children. We shared similar values and we were a great match from the beginning; my children adored her and she fed them nutritious food, which was so important to me. Having an interest in health and nutrition myself, Jarka was often someone I would consult for advice regarding all things nutrition. She was very  knowledgeable and I knew she had a passion for it. However, when Jarka became a Holistic Nutritionist and I hired her to help me with my life long digestive issues, I gained a deeper insight into her knowledge and was amazed at the level of customer service she offered. She brought to my attention so many small tweaks in my life that benefited me greatly. She would troubleshoot and follow up with me on how each suggestion was working and I really felt like she was thinking about how she could help me all the time. Jarka helped me to treat my life long digestion issues that I was never able to figure out, despite having a passion for nutrition and wellbeing myself, and she also equipped my with life long management skills to truly thrive. I would trust Jarka’s passion for her work and her love for people is so deep it would be impossible for her to not succeed in helping someone.

I have also attended Jarka’s nutritional classes for heathy lunches, and grocery store tours for how to nourish your body and I am continuously amazed at the wealth of knowledge she has. Jarka will forever be my nutritionist, teacher and friend.
Thank you Jarka – I am so grateful for you.”

“I am so happy we started working with Jarka last year. She has made what seemed like a very overwhelming task of changing my family’s eating habits into something very manageable. I am now more equipped to make better choices.
I have also seen great improvements in my son’s health and well-being. This is the first winter in three years that he hasn’t spent the season coughing because of his asthma. This is directly related to the changes to his diet that we implemented. He is also more focused at school and his grades have greatly improved. Another wonderful result of working with Jarka.”

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