Nutritional Support for Clients Experiencing Cancer


I can help you manage your nutritional needs so that you can focus on healing. With respect to cancer, an individual will benefit from holistic nutrition during all phases of the process, from diagnosis through post treatment and recovery. Holistic nutrition can also be useful when family health history or recent medical tests raise concern regarding the potential for cancer diagnoses in the future.

Just about any disease can be connected to either nutritional deficiency or toxic overload, cancer included. By increasing the quality of your daily diet and making specific lifestyle changes, you can rebuild your body into a more resilient one. When you make your inner environment stronger, you are also creating a place where cancer cannot thrive.

For clients experiencing cancer, nutrition involves finding and utilizing foods and natural supplements to run your natural bodily functions as efficiently as possible. It focuses on relieving your body from nutritional stress. This, in return can positively affect the strength of your immune system, and the effectiveness of your cleansing and detoxification pathways.   Healthier eating choices will also improve your body’s ability to digest food more efficiently.

Click here to schedule a free 15-minute Introductory Call to see how personalized nutrition specific to cancer can support you or your loved one.

A part of my story

Three of my close family members were diagnosed with different forms cancer – brain tumour, bladder cancer, and leukemia, and I felt a sense of helplessness. There was so much unknown and the information available was confusing and overwhelming.

I decided to go back to school to study nutrition and then further my knowledge through studying nutrition specific to cancer. Knowledge means power and I encourage all my clients to take charge of their health by meeting with a variety of practitioners so that they can educate themselves and make empowered decisions about their journey.

Initial appointment with follow-up appointments

Our first get-together is a comprehensive session in which we review your health history and discuss your current situation. You will be recommended first steps to take while I put together a personalized plan for you.

In our follow up session, you will be presented with your personalized nutritional plan. I will make sure that you are comfortable with it and know how to get started. I will provide recipes and ideas for meals that include foods that are beneficial to your specific condition. Our follow up appointments will be used to discuss your progress and plan for the next steps to complement your treatment plan. An additional follow up appointment(s) can also be used for a grocery store visit, a pantry clean up, or for learning how to meal plan and prepare certain meals.

Investment – Initial Package

$200 (incl. tax) – including: 

  • initial appointment (90 minutes) and one follow-up (60 minutes), including email support; consults can be done in person, or via phone or Skype
  • personalized nutritional plan with recipes including suggested foods
  • recommended natural supplements protocol (supplements can be purchased at extra cost)

Follow-up Appointment – optional

$100 (incl. tax) – including:

  • 60-minute appointment
  • a summary of our get-together
  • email support

7-Day Personalized Meal Plan – optional

$100 (incl. tax) – including:

  • meal plan with breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a list of suggested snacks
  • deliciously healthy recipes


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